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Lowering Inventory Provision Costs

By Tony Catchpole

In the inventory clerk business the more inventory inspections you can carry out in a day = the more income you can achieve.

To do this you need to establish an efficient way of working so less time can be spent at each property being inspected. Not to cut corners but to be more efficient. To do this you need to consider the many applications and techniques in the marketplace to ensure you are not tied in to or committed to a system or technique that does not ensure you are capable of carrying multiple inspections per working day.

Inventory Clerks and Letting Agents are probably already aware of the multitude of inventory systems they may consider or use. For inventory providers, clerks and letting agents seeking to streamline their provision costs without compromising on quality and ease of use Quick Click Clerk is now available.

Among the provision costs that currently prevail with other systems are the subscriptions, upload and download fees and other ongoing costs charged by many of our competitors supplying inventory reporting software.

Such ongoing costs that can now be CUT as our solution offers a cost effective, professional quality and adaptable software system that is purchased outright with no ongoing subscriptions, fees or charges of any kind.

Quick Click Clerk is a purchase once and use forever for an unlimited number of inventory reports solution. It is a point and click desktop and mobile devices accessible software application that has been designed by us as professional inventory clerks with more that 12 years continuous practical experience. The software is feature rich, adaptable, simple to use and can save costs for letting agents and inventory clerks currently using a fees and subscription based inventory system.

This new system caters for the full cycles of multiple tenancies for a single property including Initial Inventory Inspection – Check Out Inspection and Updating for a new tenancy. Another advantage is that users have complete control over their data files.

If cutting costs without cutting quality for inventory provision is a concern Quick Click Clerk could be your solution.

For those new to residential property letting inventory provision our flagship training manual Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks is also now available as a low cost e-Book.

Please contact Tony if you have questions or need help with any of our Products. or have questions. We are here to help purchasers to get up an running in using our products.
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