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For Microsoft ®Word 2007 and later versions. (not earlier versions)


A simple to use point and click text and image entry Microsoft Word 2007 (and later versions) template for speedily compiling professional reports and other documents in any trade, profession, or home use. Also ideal for any documents requiring image insertion. Our template is ‘CUSTOMISABLE’ and can be adapted to suit users requirements.

Easy to navigate banks of point and click text other allowed building blocks the template incorporates a super efficient image insertion tool. Images can be inserted at your chosen size, with, or without, a caption. Also included are convenient table row tools for quickly adding and deleting table rows without leaving the add in.

Please note that document part of the template is blank.

residential letting inventory Save typing by banking your often used text, document layouts and parts.
point and click inventories Easy point and click retrieval in to your documents.
typing text bank boilerplate The Text Bank also includes an easy to use fast and efficient image insertion tool.
to how carry out inventory inspections Delivered with example entries and instructions.
business document boilerplate Suitable for any business type, profession, trade, personal use.

Video walk through and and tutorial

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