Maximising Inventory Clerk Earnings

Maximise your capacity to earn income when operating as an inventory clerk

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The Golden Rule
In the inventory clerk business the more inventory inspections you can carry out in a day = the more income you can achieve.

To do this you need to establish an efficient way of working so less time can be spent at each property being inspected. Not to cut corners but to be more efficient. To do this you need to consider the many applications in the market place as well as the tried and tested traditional techniques to ensure you are not tied in to or committed to a system or technique that does not ensure you are capable of carrying out multiple inspections per working day.

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Inventory Clerks and Letting Agents are probably already aware of the multitude of inventory apps they may consider or use. Among the provision costs that currently prevail many apps are paid by subscriptions or pay as you go fees. There may also be other costs such as upload and download fees.

The advantage of an app is that you can enter your findings and images as you inspect a property. This is great but you may spend a lot more time at an inspection and limit the amount of inspections you can carry out in a day. You may also wish to check out the data integrity when storing your work on a third party companies systems. For example – will you always have access to the data if you stop subscribing?

Microphone for recording descriptions of rental properties at inventory inspections

Traditional Methods.

Dictating your findings in to a voice recorder using an inventory report script and typing up later, or sending off to a transcription service provider, or entering the information in to an app after the inspection is a way to minimise time spent at a property thus more inspections can be carried out in a day.

At a more basic level you can make notes with pen and paper using an inventory report script and compile the report later (not at an inspection.) This may be a good, low cost way to start out if you are evaluating if the inventory clerk business is for you.

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Whatever approaches you decide to take you need to establish procedures and practical techniques that free a path to maximise your earnings potential and ensuring you have control over your data.


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