Inventory Clerk Self Training Manual
Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks

PDF eBook (read only) version of our self-training manual.

If you are looking to self train to work as an inventory clerk in the vibrant and ever growing residential property rental industry sector or wish to start your own full or part time inventory clerk business or carry out your own inventories if you are a landlord, agent or property manager then our unique low cost publication is for you.

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Inventory clerk self training ebook

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PDF eBook (read only) version of our self-training manual. ‘Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks’.

There are many publications and training provider courses detailing an inventory clerk’s legal, technical and formal responsibilities and requirements to trading as an inventory clerk / provider. Although our manual sets you on the right path with such issues the big difference with our invaluable publication is that it shows you in practical and detailed steps ‘HOW TO PHYSICALLY DO THE JOB

Our self penned comprehensive manual has been carefully compiled based on our own lengthy industry experience and knowledge. It has been specially designed to pass on to users all of the advantages of our practical experience and techniques.

The A4 size e-publication contains 30 chapters over more than 140 indexed pages and offers a multitude of information as well as step by step and room by room listing and photography capture procedures to guide you through efficiently preparing for and carrying out all the usual and expected inventory inspecting and reporting services.


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